Friday, February 28, 2014

We are on our way to California to see Virginia.  Aunt Connie and Uncle Johnny surprised me with a one way ticket.  I was really concerned until I found out that my ticket back was actually to visit Daylen and Ryan in Bloomington, Illinois.  They are my Niece and Nephew.  After getting hijacked from Dallas Airport to Arizona, we finally landed at John Wayne Airport and Virginia picked us up in her Chevy Camaro.  There was only room for my a.. and a gallon of gas but we managed.  Nice car.  The whole time we were there, not one car passed us.  Talk about need for speed.  One day we went to the beach and I took surfing lessons. 
 We walked right by Surfway Blvd on the way.
  Here is a good shot of the back of me practicing my balance on a surf board. 
 I should have brushed my locks with handmade antler comb.  The next day we rested while Virginia went to work.  She does not know it but I fished in her aquarium, played her drums and sat out on her upper deck.
  No, I did not catch any fish from your aquarium but it was fun.  I slept in her nice cozy, cushy bed while Aunt Connie and Uncle Johnny slept in the cat box.  Just kidding, I was just trying out the bed. 
I slept in the cabinet at night with Mango.  What fun, we talked all night about how Virginia got her and all the fun she is having.  What a talented cat.  She can open the door to the cabinet herself. 
Maui slept down stairs on the couch with Virginia. Yea more pics. 
Another day when Virginia had to work, we walked the beach for a mile and went out on Huntington Beach pier.  Ate lunch out on the pier and I got a pumpkin milk shake for lunch.  Boy, was that fun.
  Virginia also took us to Hollywood.  We saw Santa Monica pier from a park we stopped at.
  We did not see any movie stars but we ate at Hooter’s and walked the Hollywood walk of stars.  Took a picture of John Travola’s star.  We also saw the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater.  Outside the theater we took a picture of Shirley Temples hand prints.  Yep, that’s me lying on the sidewalk.
  We had a week of absolute fun.  Thank you Virginia for the wonderful vacation.  One last pic, this is my favorite.  Can you guess where I'm at Virginia?
  Well, I'm off by myself again.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rise and Shine.  Fried Geckos and Love bugs for breakfast; along with some reheated Red Squirrel.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  This place is paradise.  I’m sitting on the dock right now with Aunt Connie drinking a cup of coffee. 

Uncle Johnny got up early and went fishing without us.  He better bring back some fish for lunch.  After all, I can out fish him anytime.  ( I think that is why he did not take me)  I think I’m going to spend the day relaxing and build a sand castle if I can talk Aunt Connie into letting me play in her beach sand and helping me. 

Aunt Connie told me that we only have a few days before we hop on a plane and take off for the West coast.  I am so excited that I get to meet my First Cousin Virginia in California.  She lives in Huntington Beach and lives about 5 blocks from the Pacific Ocean.  More on that later. 

So, before we leave I’m going to work on my tan, have some fun and maybe have my first alcoholic beverage.  After all, I am old enough.  Chokecherry Firewater with a touch of Maple Syrup for everyone. 

Today we jumped into the golf cart and took a ride.  We went to the park and boat ramp, stopped at a few garage sales and drove out towards the airport to look for deer and on our way back we stopped at the country club to play a round of golf.  It was the best and only game I ever played.  I shot a 169 and that was for the first hole.  Anyone out there give lessons?

We are taking the boat out on the lake today and if we can get through the canal that goes to Lake Henry, we will pull the boat up on shore and eat at the restaurant on the lake.  I’m going to have corn porridge, cabbage, venison and bread for lunch.  Well, we got through the canal and the restaurant was open but I sure was disappointed in their menu.  They left the Native out of everything and I had to settle for American food. 

Today, we are going into town to look at the murals on all the buildings.  There are over 46 murals in town and it’s fun to try to find the hidden things in the pictures.  They also have 17 decorative trash containers that make noise and over 4 dozen bird murals hidden around town.  They also have a clown college there if that is what you want to do when you grow up.  See if you can find me in all of the murals I just posted. 
Don't forget to find High Moon in the pics!

Tomorrow we go to the airport, see you there.