Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here comes the train!  I should make it to Lake Placid for Halloween.  Can’t wait to meet my Aunt Connie and kick my Uncle Johnny’s ...  I know that my mom taught never to swear but I’m really ticked off from what Uncle Harry told me.  Holy crap, (I meant to say holy cow) this train is going too fast for me to jump on.  What am I going to do?  I waited until it was about half way passed me and jumped from the bird of paradise bush and started to run alongside of the train.  The caboose was coming up fast and I was running as fast as my moccasins would go.  I was getting ready to jump and all of a sudden the train put on its brakes.  I found this out later why the train put on its brakes?  There were some kids putting Indian Head pennies on the tracks.  Ha Ha ha Now that was funny.  Needless to say, those kids helped me jump on the train.  Here is a pic of me hanging on the caboose. 

Next stop Lake Placid, Florida.  I sat back and got comfortable and munched on some of my Smoked Red Squirrel that I caught earlier.  As the train arrived in Lake Placid 4 days later, I had no idea that it was going to stop 437 times and at every town.  It was really boring spending all that time on the back of a little red box but that was the price I had to pay to get here.  Every time the train stopped, I had to walk to the front of the train and hide and then jump back on when the caboose came by.  I don’t know where all of those people were hiding on the train but it was really getting crowded in some of the hiding places.  I bet half the people on the train were getting a free ride. 

It’s only about 3 miles to their house by how the crow flies from here.  I will sleep at the gazebo in the park and cut through all of the orange groves tomorrow morning.  I love Oranges, I will only pick what I can eat and put the other three dozen in my pockets. 

Here is a pic of me ringing the doorbell at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  I really had to pile up a lot of stuff so I could reach it.  I can’t believe that I had all this stuff in my breechclouts.  I have no idea why I carry the toilet paper with me, my breechclouts are glued on and I am unable to get them off. 

SURPRISE, I yelled when they opened the door.  I asked, do you know who I am?  Uncle Johnny responded with; of course I do.  You are my sister’s kid that Harry threw on top of the roof when we were little.  They invited me in and I told them all about my trip so far and what Uncle Harry had told me.  I finally found out how I got my name.  It was a full moon that night when Uncle Harry hurled me on top of that hot, miserable, blistering, high roof in the middle of the day.  That is how I got my name High Moon.  I could have died up there but the spirits kept me from getting my eyes plucked out by the birds.  The first thing I asked, if they would buy me an airplane ticket to Colorado so I could go back to my Uncle Harry’s house and kick his …  They said no that there was other plans if I wanted to join them.  I must of closed my eyes and fell asleep because when I woke up it was already the next day.  Man, Am I really mad at my Uncle Harry for lying to me about how I got on the roof!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I have just left Lakeland with no money to travel.  Is there anyone out there that can send me a “C” note?  Didn’t think so.  I just looked at my atlas that I carry with me and plan to head in the Orlando direction and try to jump on a train that goes right into Lake Placid.  Of course I included a picture of me looking at my atlas. 

It didn’t take me to long to walk to Highway I4 (for those who are following my journey on a map) and now I am heading East towards Orlando, Florida.  I hear there are alligators that run across the road here, so if you do not hear from me anymore, I probably got eaten by one.  If this happens, please catch the alligator and take it to my burial grounds and burn it.  My request is to leave my ashes to science.  Since, I probably never made it to see my Uncle Johnny, I want all my belongings to be sent to my mother.  Sorry mom, I decided to burn my bra with me. 

I got so hungry that I decided to go hunting in the nearby woods and I trapped a red squirrel.  Boy did it taste good.  If you are wondering if I cooked it first, the answer is yes.  Here is a picture of me dragging it out of the woods.

Now that I have some energy I was able to make up some time and quickly covered a lot of miles.  In the distance I could see a sign that looked like it read “Diner World”.  When I got closer, it actually read “Disney World 2 miles”.  Boy did I get excited, but remembered that it will be getting dark before you know it and I need to find a train.  Here is a picture of the sign I read.  I also included a picture of Mickey Mouse’s Skeleton.  Well, that’s what it looked like to me.  Happy Halloween!

Anyway, I continued to walk until I found the train tracks and started to follow them South.  Here I am walking the tracks.  I did not fall off once and I was even jumping from rail to rail and doing flips and cartwheels.  Then I heard something, so I put my ear down on the track and I could hear a train coming towards me but still many miles away.  I jumped from the rail and hid myself in a bird of paradise bush and waited to jump on the caboose when it came by.  Can you find me in amongst the flowers?   See you soon.

Happy Birthday Mom

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As you can see from the picture that I have included, this is the bus that I took to visit my Great Uncle Darl and Great Aunt Mary.  The driver held his hand out the whole way there.  I did not like the idea of him driving with one hand but I understood why he did it when I exited the bus and he shoved it in my face.  I followed suite with the other passengers and filled his hand with all the money that I had.  Who started this tip thing anyway? 

They did not know who I was at first but when I explained that my adopted mother was Barbara, they let me in with open arms.  Great Uncle Darl just turned 90 years old this year but still gets up every morning and says “I’m going fishing”.  I don’t know how long I spent there but he never did go fishing.  Just recently Great Uncle Darl took an honor flight to Washington DC for the day with a chaperone.   He is a veteran and was invited to attend this honor flight to honor the veterans in Washington D. C.  He spent the whole day being pushed around in a wheel chair by his chaperone and was treated like a king.  I sure am proud of him.  I wonder if there are any kings in my family? 

I am now getting ready to go to Lake Placid, Florida to visit my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Connie.  I have a lot of questions to ask them.  I just hope that I can keep from punching Uncle Johnny in the nose before I get a chance to talk to him.  Ok, does anyone out there have any idea how I’m going to get to Lake Placid since the bus driver relieved me of the rest of my money?    I am real surprised that no one has left a comment.  If you have one,  just click on the “No Comment” and start writing to me.  I would love to hear from you.  I just might come and visit you some day.  See you in Lake Placid.  Oh Yea, Here is a picture of me and Great Uncle Darl and Great Aunt Mary.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So, I’m off to visit the names that I found in the phone book.  As I was walking, I looked up and there was Pikes Peak right in front of me.       
                                                                                                                                                      So, naturally I have included a picture of me with Pikes Peak in the back ground.  I spent the day talking to anyone that would listen to me and finally the last Luke on the list was a Harry Luke.  When he answered the door, I knew right away that we were related.  He is my Uncle.  He invited me in and introduced me to my Aunt Debbie.  We talked all day about how I ended up on top of that mountain (which Uncle Harry keeps telling me that it was a roof) and how I disappeared about the same time that the wagon shrunk.  (Well Uncle Harry told me that the wagon was stolen by someone who replaced it with a smaller version)   I also asked him about the ravine that I woke up in and he told me that it was a rain gutter.  And of course the tunnel waterfall was a downspout.  We talked about our relatives and where they lived but most of all he told me that it was Uncle Johnny who threw me on the roof.  Just wait until I see him, I have a mind to pound sand up his …  The sad thing about the visit was when he told me about the 250 pound bear that wildlife department killed a few days ago.   (I am positive that it was the same bear that helped me get to the library)  Uncle Harry’s hospitality was more than I could have ever expected.  After many days of visiting, we both decided it would be best if I went to Florida and talked to my other Uncle.  (I had a bone to pick with him anyway)  So, Uncle Harry bought me a plane ticket to Tampa, Florida, gave me some spending money and some sand, like Florida doesn't have any sand!  I will be leaving the state of Colorado tomorrow to see my Uncle Johnny.  Uncle Harry also gave me a lift to the airport.  We said our goodbyes and he drove off into the sunset in his newly painted Mustang.  (Closest thing to a painted horse)  I was so excited about everything that I forgot to take a picture of the both of us.  Here are some pictures of me at the airport.

After landing I had a picture taken of me looking out the plane window, which I have included.                                              
I departed the plane and sat down to figure out how to get to Lake Placid, Florida.  After looking at my options, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to try to travel 120 miles in this hot weather all at one time, so I looked at the list of relatives and found out that Great Uncle Darl and Great Aunt Mary lived in Lakeland which is only about 40 miles away.  Now, how do I get  there?  I do not think that I should try to hitch hike this time, with my luck, I would pass out again and wake up with a big purple dinosaur named Barney standing over me.  So, I think I will take a bus from the airport to Lakeland.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Barbie came to me today and told me that Dora had left for Illinois.  I’m going to miss Dora, hopefully our paths will cross again someday.  We both waited until all the other dolls were asleep and we left Dora’s house through a secret door that Dora’s dog (Bonjour) uses.  Barbie walked me to the curb and with a big hug she gave me directions on how to get to the library.  The library was not that far away, so I decided to hitch hike there.  As I put my thumb out for the tenth time down the road, I started to feel faint.  The road was blistering hot that night and I guess I must have fainted.  While I was passed out, I had a vision that an animal helped me find my way to the library.  As I opened my eyes, there was a 250 pound black bear standing over me.  Normally, an animal will only talk to you in a vision but this one was special.  He asked me if I was alright and if I needed help.  I told him that I was on my way to the library when I passed out.  He picked me up and flung me on his back and we were on our way.  He dropped me off and I thanked him for his generosity.  I fell asleep in some bushes and waited for the library to open.

Here is a picture of me at the library.  I also have a picture of me looking at a couple of books I found.

After reading 2013 books on genealogy, ( I had to read some twice) I found a hint at the bottom of the page that said “Look your last name up in the  phone book and visit the people with your last name”.  No wonder they call this book “Genealogy for Idiots”.

I went up to the desk and borrowed the librarian’s phone book and wrote down all the names and addresses on a piece of buffalo skin and tucked it in my bra. (I would have put the librarians Android 4.3 Bluetooth Smart Phone in my bra but it would not fit.)  Besides she would not let me borrow it.  I can’t wait until I start looking for one of my relatives.  Can you?  Oh,  That's me looking at the Colorado Springs phone book.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The little girl’s name who bought me (you guessed it) is Dora.  She has lots of other dolls that I can talk to and play with but my best friend of all is “Barbie”.  Most of Dora's dolls live in a box and have never come out.  I guess that makes them special.  Barbie says that they are collectors’ items.  She does not live in a box and is free to do whatever she pleases. 

One day I was telling Barbie that I was on a quest to find my adopted mother and she actually had some great ideas.   She told me if I go to the library and look up my last name in a genealogy book I might find out who to contact.  I remember my mother’s last name was Luke so that must be mine too.  Barbie said that she will help me get to the library as soon as Dora leaves for Brinley's (a friend of Dora's) birthday party.  I have no idea how Dora is getting from Colorado to Illinois but I figure it will give me plenty of time to sneak out.    While I was staying at Dora's, I had time to work on a new head band and beads for my dress.  Here is a picture of me and my best friend.

If you want to leave me a comment or a suggestion, click on “No Comment”.  I may not be able to answer any questions but will try to elaborate on anything that may have slipped my mind. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This story was created for our family and no means is meant to disgrace or harm anyone in anyway. Please do not share on social media. Hope you enjoy following this as much as we have creating it.

Once upon a time in a faraway town located in Indian-anna, there lived two siblings that had a throwing arm of Kid Nichols.  For those, who do not know who Kid Nichols was, you should look it up.  The names of these two kids will be withheld to protect them from any Pro Baseball scout trying to sign them up to a major league team.  They would throw stones at cars, oranges at telephone poles, Frisbees and whatever they could get their hands on.  They would even throw a game if they got the chance.  One day a tragedy happened that stunned the world for many decades.  In the eyes of a nosey neighbor this story is told.

I saw her lying hopelessly still while turning red in the hot smoldering sun.  She laid there for weeks before anyone even noticed that she was gone or missing.  Until one day I saw the limp fried body struggling to move.  She headed down the slope, which in her eyes took almost a month.  Reaching a ravine at the bottom of the slope, she then laid in this u shaped ravine until one day a vision came to her that she would be saved by the Rain Gods.  As she woke up, the ravine started to fill with water and she was washed down a tunnel like waterfall that shot her into a meadow filled with grass.  I saw a guy pick her up and put her into a big red wagon.  I have no idea why he left his smaller wagon that he was pulling.  I watched her body bouncing all over the place as she vanished out of my sight.  I never saw her again until I was on vacation in Colorado and saw her in the arms of a little girl buying her at an ARC store.  Again she was whisk out of sight, this time to never be seen again by my eyes.

High Moon was very small when she was kidnapped from the front yard where she lived.  Her owner, or I guess you could say her adopted mother, never knew what happened until she found her hiding in a place that she never expected.  They both sat down and talked all night until her mom learned the true story of what actually happened.  

Here are the tales and journeys of that poor little girl that I heard her mother (the little girl who bought her) say “Let’s call her High Moon”

Here is a picture of me with my friends at the ARC.  It was sad to leave them, but now I can start my LONG journey to find my adopted mom.

I will be posting more of my journey soon, so please put me in your favorites.