Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ok!  Here we go.  Just got a peek of Lyndsey's calendar and I see that there will be a little vacation coming up in Cape Coral, Florida.  The airplane tickets that are paper clipped to the calendar does not include me so I will be a stow a way on the plane.  I will just snuggle up to Ivy in the suitcase and I'm on my way.  Can't wait to see everyone again that has been so kind to me in the past.
Just arrived and Brinley finally let me out of the suitcase.  I was looking forward to having all kinds of fun with Ivy but as it turns out, Ivy got her own seat on the plane and I had to ride in the suitcase with Dora the underwear.  Geesh that girl never shuts up, it was impossible to have a "brief" talk to her on any topic.  I had to turn her inside out and shove he into the toiletries kit just to have some peace and quite.  I will do anything to keep from having to travel with her again.  My thoughts at this point is to sneak into Michele's suitcase on the return trip.  That's if she is going on this trip.
The first day I spent most of my time running around the house checking things out.  Here are some of the pics that I took at the house.

That sure was allot of fun while everyone was away eating dinner out without me. 
     The next day I went fishing with Uncle Johnny, Nephew Bendan and Nephew Ryan.  At this point they are the only ones that know that I am here without an invite.  These guys sure are cool and know how to fish.  Uncle Johnny helped me fight this fish to the boat.  I was worn out.  Look how much bigger
 this fish is than me.  It's a lunker.

     Here I am being eatin by Brendan.  He is such a character.  Of course he didn't eat me,  he would have choked on my head feather.  Lyndsey could not believe her eyes when she saw me in the car.  Oh Yea, Lyndsey now knows that I stowed away in Brinley's suitcase and has agreed to help me get back to Illinios with Michele. Oh crap, this may be a hint where I am at right now.  Lyndsey also knows that I was tortured by Dora's underwear on the trip here.  She told me not to worry, that Brinley will start wearing princess underwear soon and Dora will head to the goodwill box.  Sounds good to me.
      We spent a day at the beach or I should say we spent a day finding the beach.  Here is a picture that my mom is going have a fit over.  Brendan helped pull this off.  She still does not know that I am on vacation with her and now she knows.  I'm so sorry but I just wanted to see you and be near you.  I wanted so bad to give you the biggest hug that you ever got in your life but that will have to wait a little while.  Oh,  Aunt Connie knows that I am on vacation with everyone now.

     Nothing lasts forever and neither did this vacation.  I want to thank everyone for all their help and keeping me out of trouble.  We took a picture of all of us before we left.  I had a blast!  See everyone soon.

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