Thursday, December 11, 2014

I once was lost but now I'm found!!!  It's true!  I was stuck in a suitcase and 
couldn't get out.  It was dark and lonely and sad in the beginning, but I talked 
to God a lot during that dark time in my life, and I am a changed Indian Doll!

You see, Lyndsey dropped me off at her mother's house....I indeed had a ton o' 
fun in my previous travels, but I knew I was in for some hefty vacationing with 
this new Mamapoosa.   Ahhhhh....I'll get to experience the luxurious life of 
sales and travel all over the country!   Fancy hotels and fantasy restaurants, 
famous people, and fashionable outfits with the most beautiful high heel shoes!  
I will finally get to shed this head feather and dead animal smock dress!!!  I'm 
so excited!

Wow oh wow...Did I get a slap in the feather! 

Five months later, I am Indian proof that what other people perceive and envy as 
exciting travel is like living in a real live circus.  All hours of the day and 
on weekends I juggled fire sticks in the air while balancing spinning plates on 
my feather...a different kind of song and dance than what I am used to. 

My excitement dwindled as I was dragged through dirty airports.  Sometimes we 
were even barefoot racing to catch a delayed plane!  I sometimes slept on a hard 
seat with an arm bar up my braid!  

After a while, things got so intense that I was simply stuck in a suitcase and 
couldn't get out!   

Sighhhhhh.  I learned so much in that suitcase.  I was sheltered from chaos and 
got lots of rest.  I learned to be grateful for my simple feather and comfy flat 
moccasins.  I learned that less is more, rest is good, and some time to chill 
and reflect was as soothing as my peace pipe.  I got to spend time with God and 
heal from the trauma of being thrown on the rooftop away from my Barby.

Oh how I was able to reminisce my young life growing up in Valparaiso, IN.  If I 
could only find my way back to her.  She took such good care of me before I was 
brutally stolen away and THROWN into this insane version of Mother Earth.  

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