Saturday, September 14, 2013

Barbie came to me today and told me that Dora had left for Illinois.  I’m going to miss Dora, hopefully our paths will cross again someday.  We both waited until all the other dolls were asleep and we left Dora’s house through a secret door that Dora’s dog (Bonjour) uses.  Barbie walked me to the curb and with a big hug she gave me directions on how to get to the library.  The library was not that far away, so I decided to hitch hike there.  As I put my thumb out for the tenth time down the road, I started to feel faint.  The road was blistering hot that night and I guess I must have fainted.  While I was passed out, I had a vision that an animal helped me find my way to the library.  As I opened my eyes, there was a 250 pound black bear standing over me.  Normally, an animal will only talk to you in a vision but this one was special.  He asked me if I was alright and if I needed help.  I told him that I was on my way to the library when I passed out.  He picked me up and flung me on his back and we were on our way.  He dropped me off and I thanked him for his generosity.  I fell asleep in some bushes and waited for the library to open.

Here is a picture of me at the library.  I also have a picture of me looking at a couple of books I found.

After reading 2013 books on genealogy, ( I had to read some twice) I found a hint at the bottom of the page that said “Look your last name up in the  phone book and visit the people with your last name”.  No wonder they call this book “Genealogy for Idiots”.

I went up to the desk and borrowed the librarian’s phone book and wrote down all the names and addresses on a piece of buffalo skin and tucked it in my bra. (I would have put the librarians Android 4.3 Bluetooth Smart Phone in my bra but it would not fit.)  Besides she would not let me borrow it.  I can’t wait until I start looking for one of my relatives.  Can you?  Oh,  That's me looking at the Colorado Springs phone book.

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