Sunday, September 1, 2013

This story was created for our family and no means is meant to disgrace or harm anyone in anyway. Please do not share on social media. Hope you enjoy following this as much as we have creating it.

Once upon a time in a faraway town located in Indian-anna, there lived two siblings that had a throwing arm of Kid Nichols.  For those, who do not know who Kid Nichols was, you should look it up.  The names of these two kids will be withheld to protect them from any Pro Baseball scout trying to sign them up to a major league team.  They would throw stones at cars, oranges at telephone poles, Frisbees and whatever they could get their hands on.  They would even throw a game if they got the chance.  One day a tragedy happened that stunned the world for many decades.  In the eyes of a nosey neighbor this story is told.

I saw her lying hopelessly still while turning red in the hot smoldering sun.  She laid there for weeks before anyone even noticed that she was gone or missing.  Until one day I saw the limp fried body struggling to move.  She headed down the slope, which in her eyes took almost a month.  Reaching a ravine at the bottom of the slope, she then laid in this u shaped ravine until one day a vision came to her that she would be saved by the Rain Gods.  As she woke up, the ravine started to fill with water and she was washed down a tunnel like waterfall that shot her into a meadow filled with grass.  I saw a guy pick her up and put her into a big red wagon.  I have no idea why he left his smaller wagon that he was pulling.  I watched her body bouncing all over the place as she vanished out of my sight.  I never saw her again until I was on vacation in Colorado and saw her in the arms of a little girl buying her at an ARC store.  Again she was whisk out of sight, this time to never be seen again by my eyes.

High Moon was very small when she was kidnapped from the front yard where she lived.  Her owner, or I guess you could say her adopted mother, never knew what happened until she found her hiding in a place that she never expected.  They both sat down and talked all night until her mom learned the true story of what actually happened.  

Here are the tales and journeys of that poor little girl that I heard her mother (the little girl who bought her) say “Let’s call her High Moon”

Here is a picture of me with my friends at the ARC.  It was sad to leave them, but now I can start my LONG journey to find my adopted mom.

I will be posting more of my journey soon, so please put me in your favorites.

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