Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As you can see from the picture that I have included, this is the bus that I took to visit my Great Uncle Darl and Great Aunt Mary.  The driver held his hand out the whole way there.  I did not like the idea of him driving with one hand but I understood why he did it when I exited the bus and he shoved it in my face.  I followed suite with the other passengers and filled his hand with all the money that I had.  Who started this tip thing anyway? 

They did not know who I was at first but when I explained that my adopted mother was Barbara, they let me in with open arms.  Great Uncle Darl just turned 90 years old this year but still gets up every morning and says “I’m going fishing”.  I don’t know how long I spent there but he never did go fishing.  Just recently Great Uncle Darl took an honor flight to Washington DC for the day with a chaperone.   He is a veteran and was invited to attend this honor flight to honor the veterans in Washington D. C.  He spent the whole day being pushed around in a wheel chair by his chaperone and was treated like a king.  I sure am proud of him.  I wonder if there are any kings in my family? 

I am now getting ready to go to Lake Placid, Florida to visit my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Connie.  I have a lot of questions to ask them.  I just hope that I can keep from punching Uncle Johnny in the nose before I get a chance to talk to him.  Ok, does anyone out there have any idea how I’m going to get to Lake Placid since the bus driver relieved me of the rest of my money?    I am real surprised that no one has left a comment.  If you have one,  just click on the “No Comment” and start writing to me.  I would love to hear from you.  I just might come and visit you some day.  See you in Lake Placid.  Oh Yea, Here is a picture of me and Great Uncle Darl and Great Aunt Mary.

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